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Radio Rubi 1670khz from Argentina was booming into Scotland this morning.  With a signal received for most of the morning.  And was one of the stronger stations on the X-band.

The Elad is really proving itself already this early in the MW Season with some really nice catches.  And the software is doing a great job with producing good audio making it easier to copy and ID the weaker stations.

Posted 3 weeks ago

This is the antenna splitter that I use, this splits the signal from my Super KAZ antenna to mine and my fathers receiver.

The need for an antenna splitter is to prevent interaction between the two receivers.  And this design works excellently with the Super KAZ and there is hardly any noticeable signal loss and no interaction between our receivers.

With regards to MW dxing the back null on the Super KAZ is not affected with the splitter in line

I got the design from an article on DXing.info by John Bryant and Bill Bowers “Rolling Your Own"  I used the BB-2 example.

Please disregard the value of the resistor in the above photo, I was trying different things.  For the splitter to work as intended the value of the resistor is 27 Ohms.

Posted 3 weeks ago

My current antenna for DXing

Super KAZ 95 x 30ft beaming 320 deg for North America.

It has a frequency coverage from LW to 30 Mhz

I have a splitter in line so that I can share the antenna with my father.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Again this morning some nice signals on the MW band, the peak at my location seems to be 04:00-04:30 utc.

And the higher frequencies especially the X-band are producing good signals from some of the regulars.

CJRS Radio Shalom 1650khz and Presumed WPTX 1690khz were like local stations and listening with 10khz+ wide bandwidth was achievable.

I have uploaded a video to Youtube with how they were sounding

Radio Shalom and WPTX

Posted 4 weeks ago

I received a possible personal first yesterday, Radio America\Melody from Argentina on 1630khz. The frequency offset corresponds.

It appears they were relaying Radio Rivadavia, and thanks to Paul Crankshaw of Yahoo RealDx identifying that I have the ID of RivaDavia in my recording.

I have uploaded a video to Youtube of the actual recording.

Radio America\Melody 1630khz

Posted 4 weeks ago

KKLF "KICK 1700 AM" Booming Into Southern Scotland

KKLF “KICK 1700 AM” was booming into Southern Scotland this morning.

Their signal has been one of the strongest on the x-band over the past couple of weeks.

The MW band is starting to open up nicely to NA in the mornings

Click the link to watch a video of the reception

KKLF 1700khz

Posted 5 weeks ago
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