I have been going over my overnight perseus recordings and have been amazed at the strength of the signals in particular on the X-band portion of MW.  At 04:00utc KVNS was coming in at good levels by 05:00utc WJCC took over and again was a good s8-9.  CJLO from Concordia University Montreal was an outstanding signal reception and can been seen on the following YOUTUBE link. CJLO 1690AM

The East coast regulars were all coming in with good signals throughout the morning and it was great to hear the gulf coast area coming in and I got a personal first by way of 1510khz WLAC Nashville.  Normally WUFC Boston is the dominant station, it was still there and making reception difficult but I got a good ID of WLAC.

ZNS-1 Radio Bahamas was also a welcome alternative on 1540khz, and XEEP-AM Radio Education Mexico on 1060khz was received.  Radio Education 1060khz MP3

Below is a screen grab of the waterfall on my perseus recordings from this morning and you can see the signals on the X-band, the two most common stations Caribbean Beacon 1610khz and Radio Rebelde 1620khz had the usual great signal as can be seen.  The Super KAZ array doing a good job.